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HMB 500mg supplement – 90 capsules


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HMB supplement by MEGATHOM Stay anabolic. Build Muscle.

HMB supplement works with Strength & Recovery. Promotes lean muscle mass. Minimize muscle breakdown. Enhance protein synthesis. A metabolite of essential L-Leucine. Enhances muscle recovery. Promotes lean muscle mass. Helps prevent muscle breakdown. Assists muscle repair & recovery. Supports immune system health. Effective for muscle bulking & cutting. Increase lean muscle & strength. Research published in the journal of applied physiology and other peer-reviewed publications has suggested that MEGATHOM HMB supplement works may have an effect on increasing muscle weight and strength. Assists in protein synthesis.

HMB (Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate) is a metabolite of the branched chain amino acid, Leucine and plays a role in protein synthesis (muscle building). Due to its properties, HMB would be an effective be on track supplement to use while bulking, but even more powerful when one is cutting with decreased calories and needs to preserve lean mass.

Why not just take leucine? HMB is produced by the liver enzyme -ketoisocaproate (KIC) oxygenase and this enzyme only account for 5% of leucine oxidation. Therefore one would not get enough HMB to obtain the positive effects seen in studies. An increase in leucine consumption would no doubt increase the amount of HMB produced, though it does not guarantee targeted amount will be created due to limited enzyme activity.

MEGATHOM HMB Supplement For Bodybuilding

Getting giant muscles is not just a matter of working hard and eating right. Some people are certainly lucky enough for that to work. But for most people, getting lean muscle mass requires incredibly strict dietary choices, impressively stringent lifting routines, and a little bit of body chemistry at the right moments.

The last one is the tricky part. While there are a lot of known factors involved in getting large, not all of them affect every individual in the exact same way. When you add in the fact that there’s little FDA oversight on supplements, you get a situation where it’s easy to throw hundreds of dollars straight into the void while trying to find a supplement that works.

Here’s a quick rundown of one of the more popular products, MEGATHOM HMB ¬†supplement.

METATHOM HMB Helps People With All Body Types

MEGATHOM’s latest meal supplement is intended for the dedicated athlete and bodybuilder. The HMB supplement from MEGATHOM contains a number of natural ingredients intended to help bodybuilders and other athletes recover from a long, strenuous day of exercise and effort.

Of course, “natural” means a lot of things. In this case, it means there are as few man-made chemicals or preservatives as possible. All of the ingredients are made from herbs, other plants, meat, and meat byproducts. This sometimes requires these ingredients to be dried and ground into powder, but they’re still all-natural.

This HMB supplement is a definite step above average. Like all of the others, it’s intended to promote both strength and recovery from the strain of a hard workout. Unlike the others, it contains a unique formula that helps a wider variety of body genetics than any other supplement on the market.

The supplement utilizes a specific protein blend that’s specially suited for protein synthesis. This synthesis is a process via which the body takes proteins, amino acids, and hormones such as insulin and testosterone and uses it to build muscle mass. It’s been proven time and again that without the proper hormones and proteins, your body simply will not grow more muscle mass. This is why muscle building supplements can be so important, and why people are willing to spend money on them even after being burned. But what makes MEGATHOM HMB particularly great for all types of genetics and body types?

How MEGATHOM HMB supplement Works

HMB is short for beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate. The fancy term for it is a metabolite, and it’s part of the branched amino acid chain known as Leucine. As a metabolite, Leucine is intended to alter the way in which the body metabolizes what it takes in. A metabolite is the backbone of most every nutritional supplement on the market, so the fact that MEGATHOM HMB was built on this foundation shouldn’t surprise you.

Leucine is a metabolite geared towards metabolizing protein into muscle and energy. This is where protein synthesis happens. This is the process of consuming and transforming ingested proteins from any source into something the body can use. This is how weightlifting and nutrient intake work together. When you lift weights, you’re literally ripping your muscles apart. Your body uses the food you’ve eaten to heal your muscles, and if you have enough protein then your muscles will build up scar tissue. That scar tissue is lean muscle mass!

With an enhanced intake of protein-focused metabolites, more protein ingested gets transformed into muscle as long as the person taking it is working hard to use that protein. It is a fact that not every gram of protein a human body ingests is used to build muscle mass. In fact, most proteins are expelled as waste. With a steady increase in Leucine, more of this protein is transformed into energy and muscle mass. This process also works to both build and preserve lean muscle mass, allowing muscles to both grow and persist rather than atrophy.

Other Benefits Of MEGATHOM HMB supplement

In addition to preventing muscles from atrophying, HMB is also amazing for repairing damage to the muscular system. Whenever muscles get damaged, whether through overexertion exercising or a serious injury, HMB can quicken the healing time. It does this by solidifying muscles and allowing them to regain mass lost in the injury. This nutritional supplement is also quite useful for both muscle bulking and muscle cutting.

Is HMB Really All-Natural?

HMB is produced naturally by an enzyme in the liver known as ketoisocaproate oxygenase (known as KIC for short). However, this enzyme only allows for up to 5% of leucine oxidation. What this means in simple terms is that is that the human body can not produce enough HMB on its own to build up the muscle mass expected by most bodybuilders and weightlifters. MEGATHOM HMB helps increase the body’s production of the important hormones, which allows the body to reach a higher level of leucine oxidation.

HMB supplements work best when combined with a decreased calorie intake. While this may seem a more than a little unusual to dedicated fitness buffs, HMB supplements are different than other supplements. The higher number of nonprotein calories your body is trying to process, the less protein gets metabolized. So by cutting the calories but not the protein intake, HMB supplements will be able to target the protein and make the most use of it.

As a side effect of improving protein synthesis in the human body, those taking an HMB supplement often find that their immune system gets a boost. They notice decreasing odds of getting sick and an increase in the speed at which they recover from the illnesses they do get. This is because improved synthesis of protein improves all the muscles of the body that are fueled by protein. This includes the liver and kidneys, which are used to purge bacteria and viruses that wind up entrenched in the human blood stream as a result of sicknesses.

Dosage And Ingredients Of MEGATHOM HMB supplement

Each capsule of MEGATHOM’s HMB supplement contains 500 mg worth of HMB. Since this muscle building nutritional supplement is intended to be taken in two capsule doses once a day, this means that a user of this supplement is getting 1000 mg worth of HMB a day. The process of increasing HMB in order to increase protein synthesis is still in the early stages, however. So it’s advised not to take more than instructed.

The exact reference intake percentage of HMB has not yet been established. However, many peer reviewed journals in the fields of health and medicine have agreed that a reasonable intake of HMB is around 1000 mg. This tends to improve the process of muscle building and muscle retention, as well as muscle healing and immune system improvement.

The 500 mg of leucine in each supplement is bound together by a dosage of calcium, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide, and uses a typical gel capsule shell. That said, this supplement is produced on machinery that also processes fish products, nuts, milk products and soy products. People with allergies to these products probably shouldn’t be taking it or at least be careful with it.

Mothers and nursing women are also advised to consult their doctor before taking such a supplement as it can have unhealthy effects on an infant if used improperly. Finally, people with known health conditions should likely consult a physician before taking one of these supplements as there can be unforeseen side effects if one simply takes any supplement they see without taking their sickness into account.

Diet, Exercise, And Other Supplements

There are a number of other supplements on the market that claim to help build lean muscle mass. Some of the people even swear by. Then there are the testosterone boosters and the supplements that help trigger anabolic responses in a similar way to steroids. Why is HMB better than any of them, or even just taking direct leucine?

There are a number of reasons, but most of them lead to the same finishing point. Namely, the body’s ability to metabolize protein and various hormones is limited on its own. Just increasing the amount of testosterone in your system won’t help. Just increasing the amount of insulin won’t help. You need something that can help your body utilize those chemicals and use them to build muscle mass.

Increasing the anabolic response can help quite a bit, but it also requires a much stricter diet. When the anabolic response is increased, the body sucks up and processes as many nutrients as it possibly can. But with that process triggered, the body is much less picky about what nutrients it uses. What this means in practical terms is that a small slip up on your dietary program could result in your gains become water weight.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you don’t keep your anabolic process at the increased levels, you quickly lose your gains. This is because of your body’s survival process. When the anabolic process slows down, your body begins to store nutrients as fat. That fat is great if you’re the type of person who has to hunt and gather all their food. It’s less than ideal if you’re trying to keep your body looking muscular.

With HMB, the amount of protein is the most important factor. In fact, you won’t have to worry about the increased diet at all. As previously stated, MEGATHOM’s HMB supplement works best when you eat fewer calories overall. This has the added benefit of keeping your body from storing excess calories as fat during your post-cycle. After all, hard to store extra calories if you don’t have those extra calories lying around!

This HMB supplement can easily be combined with other MEGATHOM products such as UltraTest Testosterone booster and Post cycle therapy supplement

The Cost Of MEGATHOM’s HMB supplement, And What You Get

The final question is how much this supplement will cost. This is where MEGATHOM’s HMB supplement really shines. Depending on where you buy your supplements, you can get a one-month supply for anywhere from $16.99 USD to $20.99 USD. Compared to other similar products, that’s rather inexpensive.

But “inexpensive” doesn’t mean “cheap” in this case. The all-natural ingredients of MEGATHOM’s HMB help keep your body fit and healthy, and the increased protein synthesis helps get your muscles bulging sooner than you’d think. You’ll find that the effect of HMB is amazing, especially compared to the supplements that simply increase the amount of hormones or amino acids your body produces. It also helps reduce the amount of hormone-based supplements you’ll need. Since your body can absorb a higher percentage of what’s there, you won’t need to flood your system with quite so much.

Each bottle of Megathom’s HMB Muscle supplement comes in a large black bottle containing 90 capsules each, a month and a half’s worth of supplies unless one is cutting their intake down to a single capsule a day for one reason or another. Going above the two capsule a day reccomendation is likely a bad idea, no matter how badly one needs to build up muscles or repair damage to their muscles. The black plastic bottle guarantees a long shelf life, upwards of two years and possibly longer if kept in a cool dry place during that time. While leaving any consumable product alone for years on end is a bad idea in general, some products absolutely do last longer than others and Megathom’s supplements are among the few that can last a matter of years before becoming a genuine risk to a person’s health.

This supplement can be purchased from a number of internet sites and then delivered by a parcel delivery service. Megathom’s website is perhaps the first and easiest place one might find to the company’s own supplements, but other options do exist. Online retailers can and often will specialize in nutritional supplements like HMB, sometimes even at a lower price than buying direct from the company. Other more generalized retailers, most prominently Amazon, allow for buyers to purchase not only an HMB supplement, but other supplements and even exercise equipment all at the same store. If you do plan on buying more than a single supplement, it can save on shipping costs to order them all at the same place.

3 reviews for HMB 500mg supplement – 90 capsules

  1. Good results in 3 weeks combined with amino

    5 out of 5
  2. I have been using this for a few weeks during a cutting cycle with good results so far. I have been cutting fat, which typically results in a fair amount of muscle loss, but this time, I have held onto hard earned gains much better. I will update at the end of this cycle with final results.

    5 out of 5
  3. I am amazed at how much longer I can workout with this HMB. I love it.

    5 out of 5
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