PCT: What is It and Why It's So Important in Steroid Cycles

PCT: What is It and Why It's So Important in Steroid Cycles

The Importance of PCT in Steroid Cycles

You’ve heard of people using PCT for steroid cycles, but you’re not really sure what it’s all about. Read on to learn why PCT is important for steroid cycles.

You need to do proper research when selecting and beginning the use of steroids. This applies to coming off of steroids too. Steroid cycles need close monitoring.

The body’s adjustment to taking steroids out of its system can be a big transition. Knowing what post cycle therapy (PCT) is and how to use it can make this transition a successful one.

Let’s take a deeper dive into PCT and how it works.

What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Individuals using steroids are usually seeking to improve and gain muscle mass. Steroids do more than increase muscle mass though. They also affect cortisol, red blood counts, and protein synthesis.

Anabolic steroids increase levels of androgens.

One process occurring in the body is the negative feedback cycle of testosterone. The over-production of testosterone signals the pituitary gland to stop production altogether. When the production stops, the pituitary gland functions again and begins producing more testosterone.

Negative Feedback Loops

This is the feedback loop. Testosterone levels get stuck at a certain level and can’t rise above this.

One of the biggest changes that occur when an individual is taking steroids is the end of the negative feedback cycle. During steroid cycles, the pituitary gland stops producing testosterone by an increase in the level over the threshold manually.

The individual receives more than enough testosterone and androgens in their body.

When the steroid cycles end, the pituitary gland takes a while to catch up. It’s not signaled by the body immediately that it needs to start producing testosterone.

Coming out of a steroid cycle, if not done right, will cause the body to lose most of the muscle mass built while using steroids.

How Do Ending Steroid Cycles Work?

Post cycle therapy’s goal is to raise the levels of testosterone in the body and control the levels of estrogen. Post cycle therapy drugs block estrogen production and restore the size and function of the testes.

Therapy stops after testosterone beings producing on its own and the body begins functioning normally again. This schedule takes about a month but does depend on the length of steroid cycles. Post cycle therapy also suggests staying off steroids for another month after the treatment ends.

There are a few goals that post cycle therapy should meet – and if it doesn’t, you may not have a good product.

Goals of Treatment

These goals include the recovery of the production of testosterone and inhibition of estrogen in the body. Sometimes, you need the inhibition of progesterone as well to restore the hormonal balance.

The reduction of cortisol levels to maintain lean body mass and muscle gain. It is common to gain body fat after coming off of steroids and lose muscle mass, but PCT should take care of this.

Lastly, to increase libido and restore total body health. Having steroids in your system could mess with the basic functions of your pituitary gland and hormones, but post cycle therapy will help restore them back to optimal health.

To learn more about the types of PCT you can use, read this article now.

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